About Us

We are a Group of Vastu Professionals, trying to leave a mark on the World of Vedic Vastu. We are thoroughly indulged in Vastu Research and Develeopment, trying to help people, who are mis-guided, are facing troubles due to Bad Vastu, Negative Aura, Placemental Defects, Directional Issues, Wrong Construction, Negative Energies, GeoPathic Stress, Hartmann & Curry Lines, Telluric Currents and various problems faced due to Bad Vastu at Home, Vastu at Office Corporates, Vastu of Farm Houses, Real Estate Vastu and Vastu at Commercial Establishments.

Our forte is in Remedial Vastu Formulas, Effective & Result Oriented Vastu Shastra Techniques and Placement of Remedial Tools, Instruments & Products for Best Possible Vastu Healing with almost 100% Success Rate in the Industry.

We are currently serving worldwide with some most renowned and well-known vastu professionals in the industry. We have almost hundred percent success rate with industry leading vastu tools, vastu remedies and solutions provided with their precise placements and result oriented techniques.

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