Astrology & Vastu


Astro VAstu

Vastu is an integral part of Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. In ancient scriptures on vastu, mention is made of Muhurtha or the auspicious time to enter a newly built house in accordance with the owner’s horoscope. The fourth house in a horoscope has reference to the kind of house, property and inheritance a person is likely to get in his lifetime. While Jyotish is a vedanga or a limb of the Vedas. Vastu is said to be an upveda or a minor veda.

Astrology predicts on the basis of strengths and deficiencies in any given horoscope. Astrological inferences are based on the relative and combined force fields of the planets acting on individual consciousness. Position of planets in a particular horoscope, balance of dasha, and transit of planets exercise an effective and definite control on events of life of an individual.

Similarly, a house built on a particular plot has direct correlation with the electromagnetic forces and the gravitational fields of earth. Understanding of these forces and energy fields to obtain balance and harmony is the basic philosophy of Vastu Shastra. The science of Vastu takes into consideration the energies radiating from all the directions.

Vastu and Astrology are inter-dependent and inter-related. Vastu changes and modifications cannot take precedence over astrological indications. Vastu can create contentment in one’s life within a framework defined by our astrological charts. Vastu comes under the area of freewill given to man, wherein, with conscious and action, life can be given a positive direction. Vastu cannot supersede the fourth house indications in a horoscope but can optimise the positive signals and reduce the impact of depressing indications in one’s horoscope. Basically, man is governed by the framework indicated by individual horoscopes. At the same time, we can regulate the probable disturbance by a proper construction of the house. Life is always a balance between fate and freewill. If to rain is fate, holding an umbrella and going about our work is free will. Being a part of Jyotish the planetary forces have a bearing on Vastu. Significance of Astrology is highlighted when calculating Ayadi Shadvarga, Muhurtha for foundation laying, digging of well, installing Main door and for greh-pravesh.

Zodiac Sign and Directions

Vedic Astrology takes into account nine planets, twelve zodiac signs and twenty seven nakshatras (constellations) and their combined influence on the individual. The zodiac signs are related to the five elements and signify certain directions. Different directions are indicated as per the ascending sign or lagna of the master of the house as given in Brahast Parashar Hora Shastram and Phal-deepika.

Table II: Zodiac Signs and Directions

Sign                       Elements             Caste                    Directions

Aries                     Fire                       Kshatriya             East

Taurus                  Earth                    Vaishya                South

Gemini                 Air                         Shudra                  West

Cancer                 Water                   Brahmin               North

Leo                       Fire                       Kshatriya             East

Virgo                    Earth                    Vaishya                South

Libra                     Air                         Shudra                  West

Scorpio                Water                   Brahmin               North

Sagittarius           Fire                       Kshatriya             East

Capricorn            Earth                    Vaishya                South

Aquarius              Air                         Shudra                  West

Pisces                   Water                   Brahmin               North

Planets and Directions

The seven planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and two nodes Rahu and Ketu have lordship over different directions. Similarly, the directions have certain presiding deities like Kuber, the lord of wealth is the presiding deity of North direction. This facilitates our understanding of different kind of activities related to different directions.

Planetary position in the horoscope of a person gives indication about the suitable directions for a particular person. Vastu Shastra along with individual horoscope and numerology provides the fine tuning for an individualised Vastu evaluation.