Construction as per Vastu

Construction As Per Vastu

Start the construction by preparing and cleansing the site as per Vastu Shastra. Clean the site of all inauspicious objects. Pits, depressions and wells located in inauspicious portions of the site should be filled up and land surface should be levelled. The construction will proceed at a faster speed if a plot is cleansed as per Vastu.

Construction should begin after proper Vastu Pujan and offerings to the site deities are made. The first digging of the land should be done either by the master of the house and/or the chief mason at an auspicious time set by a learned astrologer.

In the chapter on Muhurtha in Vastu, mention has been made about digging the foundation as per Rahu-Mukh. It has also been mentioned that the modern thought favors that the first pit to be dug on site has to be in the North-East direction only. The pit may be for Bhoomi Poojan or start of digging the foundation or point of borewell or even the temporary water storage tank for construction.

For ensuring smooth and accident free construction, Vastu recommends following certain rules. Start with digging a borewell in North-East or an underground water tank in North-East. This will ensure a steady supply of funds needed for construction.

While digging the foundation start in the following order, firstly North-East then North-West, South-East and then South-West. The trenches for the walls should be dug from North to South and East to West. Laying of foundation should be done in reverse order i.e. first South-West, then South-East, then North-West and lastly North-East.

This building material, bricks, stone, sand etc. should be placed in the South-West of the plot and never in the North-East. The steel reinforcement bars should be stored in the West. Sanitary pipes and fittings should be placed in the North-West corner of the plot. Construction material kept in the South and West side of the plot instead of North and East leads to faster completion of construction work.

It is beneficial to make and outhouse for the watchman in the South-East corner leaving a margin of at least two to three feet away from East and South  directions. Make the outhouse immediately after construction of well. The compound wall should follow it and the main construction should then be started. Edge of any wall, pillar or compound wall should not be any obstruction, tree or water body in front of the main entrance. The North-East corner of the outer wall of the house or of the compound wall should not be rounded. Flooring of the house should be such that if facilitates flow of water from South-West to North-East.

Demolition of old houses should start from North-East and demolished material should be deposited only in South or West parts of the site.

It is important to use suitable building material for construction as every substance has a living energy. Natural building material like stones and wood are excellent. Certain rocks like, marble and sandstone are considered to emit positive vibrations on the residents, while others, like quartz and granite, can cause health disorders. It is better to use either brick or stone and avoid the use of too much glass, concrete, iron or synthetic materials in construction. Bricks should be red in colour, free from cracks, well-proportioned and reverberate pleasantly.

During construction make sure that at the end of each day level of masonry work on the Southern side is higher than the North. Every night lighting a bulb on the highest point of the construction, which should be south always, will symbolically raise the energy and help in faster completion of construction work.