Cutouts & Reductions in Vastu

Cutouts Reductions in Vastu

Vastu Shastra advocate balance, harmony and symmetry in construction. Any reduction in the plot affects the people residing in that structure. Any reduction or extension which extends the North-East or Ishaan is auspicious. As mentioned earlies square and rectangular sites are the preferred sites.

Vastu Purusha fits in perfectly in a square and the body part of Vastu Purush fit in well in a square or rectangular structure. Any cut in any of the comers is inauspicious as some or the other body part of Vastu Purusha gets chopped off. Although North-East has been given the most important position by all classical and modern scholars of Vaastu, all the other angles are of equal importance. We know that each small nerve, smallest of body parts and minute cells are essential for proper functioning of human body and a disorder in any of them cause great discomfort, unease and trauma, imagine cutting off a portion of Vaastu Purusha’s body. There is no doubt that any cuts will lead to distress and trauma for the house owner. Only exception here is a cut in ESE and NNW which extends the North-East angle of the plot, which, as mentioned earlier is always auspicious.

To minimize the bad effects, it is recommended to rectify the site by constructing a wall of 3 feet height so that the site has a square or rectangular shape. Construct the building as per Vastu rules.

Cutouts & Reduction in North-East

A cut in North-East corner is worst. It adversely affects prosperity, progress, happiness, education and fame of the inhabitants. A cut in East of North-East is inauspicious. This causes obstacles in growth, want of progeny and defame. To correct the fault, construct a wall of about 3 feet height which is at 900 to the cardinal directions as shown by the dotted lines. The cut off portion can be used for a lawn or for parking.

A cut in North of North-East is bad. It gives illness, losses, break in education etc. For protection from bad results, construct wall 3 feet high as per the dotted line. The separated portion should be kept open and can be utilized for parking or lawn. The above rectification gives favorable results.

Cutouts & Reduction in South-East

A cut in South-East corner leads to Marital tension and clashes. Mental trouble for ladies, economic instability and break in education of children. This type of plot has mixed results as due to cut SE corner, East is extended but South is also extended here. To rectify, construct wall of 3 feet height at the dotted line. This will reduce the East, but keeping East open and having fountains/lawns etc.  The positive energy can be obtained without any inauspicious results. Reduction in East of South-East is auspicious as it is extending the North-East corner of the plot. No correction should be carried out in this case.

Reduction in South of South-East is inauspicious leading to loss of wealth, stress, women’s health problems. To rectify construct 3 feet high wall as per the dotted line. Construct main building in South-West of the plot. Separated portion can be used for store room or for plantation of heavy trees.

Cutouts & Reduction in South-West

A cut in South-West corner is very inauspicious. It leads to extensions of South and South-East corner. The inmates suffer due to diseases, physical and mental disorder. Rectify to make a square or rectangular shape. A cut in West of South West becomes the cause of accidents, losses, suspension or fear from authority. Rectify by constructing a 3 feet wall as per the dotted line to minimize bad results.

A cut in South of South-West extends the South-East which is bad. The consequences can be failure, disputes, problems to children, accidents by fire and thefts. To rectify, construct 3 feet high wall.

Cutouts & Reduction in North West

A cut in North West corner has mixed results. Although a cut in this corner extends the North-East and this is benefic but at the same time it extends the West leading to enmity, fear of theft and robbery. To rectify it, separate the West side by constructing a 3 feet high wall. By doing this the auspicious results of North and favorable results of a square shape can be retained and unfavorable effects of West can be avoided. A cut in West of North-West is inauspicious leading to diseases, accidents and fear from government. Should be rectified as per dotted line.

A cut in North of North-West is auspicious as it extends the North-East. This leads to all round prosperity and health. No rectification is needed. (Depends upon the shape, slope and size of the cutout.)