Extensions in Vastu

Extensions in Vastu

Extensions in Vastu

According to Vastu, square or rectangular plots are considered best for residential or commercial purposes. But in actual practice we find the plots shapes to be irregular more often than not. The effects of plots extended in different directions or reductions in some comers is of prime concern. It is because of the inherent weakness and imbalance of elements in irregular and extended plots that the Vastu strength in such plots is reduced.

Care should also be undertaken while carrying out extensions in an already constructed property. It has been observed that very bad results accrue to the house owner after purchase of additional plot of land in the South, West or South-West of the existing property. As a general rule, avoid buying land or carrying out extensions in the South, West, South-West, South-East or North-West of your site. Buy any land which is on the North, East or North-East of your property. Only sites which have extensions/growth towards North-East are auspicious. These rules are valid for:

i) Naturally extended plots.
ii) Buying additional adjacent land.
iii) Extensions carried out in existing built-up structures.

Favourable Extensions

(a)          Extension in NNE

(b)          Extension in NNE

(c)           Extension in NNE

(d)          Extension in NNE

(e)          Extension in NE

(f)           Extension in NE

Extension in North of North-East
The residents living in structures with an extension in North of North-East can benefit by abundant wealth, prosperity and reputation much beyond their expectation.

Extension in East of North-East
Auspicious results like prosperity, progress, happiness, higher education, fame etc. can be enjoyed by the residents if the house is constructed as per Vastu rules.

Extension in North-East
The plots where the North-East corner is extended is most auspicious. It gives all round prosperity, health and good future.

Unfavourable Extensions
Except the North-East, extensions in any other direction are not auspicious. These plots can be constructed after rectifying them and making them square or rectangular.

Extension in East of South-East
Plots extended in East of South-East have unfavourable results like disputes, heavy expenses, losses and ill-health.

Extension in South of South-East
Plots with South of South-East extensions are bad. The effects are litigation, unexpected expenditure, defame and bad for growth of children.

Extension in South of South-West
Plots with extensions in South of South-West give financial losses, defamation, loss of health and accidents.

Extension in West of South-West
Plots with extension in West of South-West are inauspicious as it leads to loss of wealth and disputes.

Extension in West of North-West
Plots with extensions West of North-West are inauspicious as it leads to fear from enemies and fear from authority, loss of vehicles and poverty.

Extension in North of North-West
Plots with extensions in North of North-West are unfavourable with effects such as financial loss, theft, disputes and increase of enemies.

To minimize the inauspicious results because of unfavourable extensions in the plot, construct a wall of about 4 feet from the ground to separate the extended portion. This will make the plot square or rectangular. The cut off area can be used differently depending on the direction e.g. if the cut off portion is in South or West make a store room without touching the main building or plant heavy trees. In case the cut off portion is in North or East, use it for open parking or have a small lawn or fountain there.