Selecting Land & Its Directions

There are various factors which must be taken into account while selecting land for residential or commercial purposes. It is important to evaluate the land on the basis of following attributes.

  1. Orientation
  2. Quality of Soil
  3. Shape of Plot
  4. Slope of Land
  5. Elevations and Depressions
  6. Extensions/Reductions in Plot
  7. Surroundings
  8. Veethishoolas
  9. Roads around the plot
  10. Angles in the corner of the plot
  11. Vidisha plots

We will discuss all these attributes in detail in the following pages. It is important to note here that in today’s situation where land is scarce, it is rare to find a plot which is Vastu perfect. In this context the golden rule to follow is to assess the merits and demerits of the plot and if the merits are more than the demerits, to go in for the plot.

A decision regarding purchase of land should be taken keeping all attributes in mind. Many people reject South or West facing houses or plots only on the basis of direction they are facing. This is not correct because in addition to direction there are other attributes like the soil, location of water source, the internal layout of the house, factory or office. You must analyse the property from all angles and only then decide whether to reject or purchase it. It is the right proportion of each element in your environment that enhances the vibrations and leads to mental, physical and emotional well-being.


Always go in for plots which are oriented towards the cardinal directions i.e. North, East, South or West. It means that the boundaries of the plot should be parallel to the N-S Axis. In case the axis of the plot is on an angle to the magnetic axis, It is called a Vidisha plot. As far as possible, avoid a Vidisha plot.

If the plot is tilted by 15-300 It can still be purchased, If all the other factors like quality of soil, direction of the plot surroundings are favourable, one can purchase such a plot. It is to be remembered that the construction in a vidisha plot should be parallel to the boundaries of the plot and not parallel to the cardinal directions. The main entrance should also be in the auspicious grid positions.