Road Structures in Vastu



Road Structures in Vastu

Another important factor while selection of land is the roads facing or surrounding the plot. The plot could be one side, 2-side, 3-side or all four sides open.

Roads on Four Sides

The plot having roads on all four sides is most auspicious for residential and commercial purposes. It gives all round peace, prosperity and happiness. Doors can be fixed in all four sides in the auspicious grids.

Roads on Three Sides

Plots with roads on West, North and East and South closed are auspicious. These plots are very good for commercial purposes.

Plots with roads on North, East and South and West closed are auspicious for commercial purpose, Business flourishes.

Plots with roads on East, South and West and closed in North is of medium category for residential purposes. This is good for commercial purposes especially businesses run by women.

Plots with Roads on South, West and North and closed in East is of medium category as far as residence is concerned. These are good for commercial purposes. If the plot has a slope towards North-East and is elevated in South-West it is auspicious.

Roads on Two Sides

The plots with roads on 2 sides could be corner sites or two roads on opposite sides of the plot.


North-East Corner Plot: Plots with roads on North and East directions are called the Ishaana plots. North-East is the most important and most auspicious direction. This site provides all round prosperity and health for the inmates. Ishaan is the direction of growth. It has effect on the male progeny, education and master of the house. Care must be taken that North-East is not cut or covered. For the site to give maximum auspicious results, construction must be as per Vastu rules.

South-East Corner Plot: Plots with roads in South and East directions are Aagneya plots. South-East plots are not good. This site affects women of the house and children especially the 2nd child. Due to excess of fire element, this kind of plot can give tensions and monetary problems. The bad results are more pronounced if the construction is against the Vastu principles. The South-East corner plot can be made auspicious by following Vastu principles. Make sure to keep the South and West heavier and higher than North and East. Have the main entrance in the auspicious grids.

South-West Corner Plot: Plots with roads on South and West are called Nairitya or South-West plots. The main effect of these plots is on the Master of the house and the eldest son. A bad South West plot makes the master of the house and eldest son physically and financially weak. As far as possible avoid South-West plots. Good results can be got provided the construction is as per Vastu rules.

North West Corner Plot: Plot with roads on North and West are Vaiyavya plots. The Vaiyavya plots can confer abundant wealth or can lead to bankruptcy. These plots can promote enmity, failure, litigation or disputes. But North-West plots having an auspicious veethi shoola in West of North-West, an entrance in the exalted grids and construction as per Vastu rules confers good results.

Road on Two Opposite Sides

Plots having roads on North and South side of the plot are of medium strength. It is auspicious to have main door in North.

Plots having roads on East and West sides of the plot, are of medium strength. It is auspicious to have main door in the East in prescribed grids.

Road on One Side of the Plot

North facing plots i.e. which have road in North are very auspicious for both residential and commercial purposes. These plots are prosperity giving and very good for business.

Plots with roads on East are auspicious for residential and commercial purposes. They give fame and prosperity.

Plots with road on South are average for residential purposes and good for commercial establishments. They are especially good for business run by or dealing in ladies articles. They are also good for entertainment business.

Plots with roads on West are average for residential and good for commercial purposes.