Slope of Land

LAND SLOPES in Vedic Vastu Shastra

LAND SLOPES in Vedic Vastu Shastra

According to Vastu Shastra, sites sloping towards East and North are very auspicious and give all round prosperity and health. Land sloping towards South and West is highly inauspicious. According to Vastu Vidhya.

It means that downward slope towards East gives growth and prosperity, slope towards North gives wealth. Slope towards West gives loss of Wealth and slope towards South gives death and destruction.

Elevations and Depressions

  1. A slope in NE ensures all round prosperity and health, but if North-East is highest it drains out wealth, happiness and invites ill health.
  2. A slope in South-West has adverse effect on the Master of the house, wife and eldest son. An elevation in South-West, or if South-West is the highest gives all round prosperity and health.
  3. Slope in East gives good health, wealth, good status and success. Elevation in East gives bad results like defame, failure and unhappiness from children.
  4. Slope in North gives wealth, prosperity and success. Elevation in North leads to loss of wealth, mental tension, and bankruptcy.
  5. Slope in West is inauspicious and leads to diseases, loss of wealth and mental trouble. Elevation in West is auspicious and gives success, wealth, prosperity, good children and fame.
  6. Slope in South, the direction of Yama gives severe ill-health to the master of the house and females. On the other hand, An elevation in South, leads to fine health, wealth, mental satisfaction and prosperity.
  7. Slope in North-West causes troubles like theft, enmity and ill health etc. If North-West is lower than North-East it causes ill-health. If North-West is higher or elevated than North-East but lower than South-West and South-East, it leads to success, wealth, travelling abroad etc.
  8. Slope in South-East leads to dangers like theft, fires, frauds, disputes, litigation, loss of wealth, bad results for the son etc. The bad results are pronounced if South-East is lowest. However, if South-Est is elevated and the elevation is less than South-West but more than North-West and North-East, It leads to wealth, happiness and increase in prosperity.

It is obvious from above that the plot should have slopes towards the North and East. The North-East or Ishaan must be the lowest and South-West or Nairitya highest for beneficial energy to flow in. In case you have purchased a plot with slopes in the inauspicious directions, levelling of the plot is an easy remedy. Make sure to fill up all pits in South and west and is the centre of the plot. In case of mounds towards North and East or North-East, the soil can be transferred towards the South and West of the plot. Caution is to be exercised in case of pits in the centre and South-West of the plot. It is advised to fill up these pits and to make North-East light immediately upon purchasing the plot.