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The Story of Vastu Purusha, Deities, Gods & Vastu Pujan

Vastu Purusha in Vaastu Shastra
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According to the ancient scriptures, a fierce battle ensued between Lord Shiva and demon Andhaka. During the course of the fight, few drops of perspiration from Lord Shankar’s body fell on the ground. Out of these drops emerged a horrifying figure who proceeded to devour all that came his way. Terrified, the gods went to Brahma. Brahma told them to hold the person face down. The 45 deities pressed him down, but in order to mollify him, Brahma blessed him saying that he will be the deity of all plots and offerings will have to be made to him. The limbs held by different gods has those gods as presiding deities. In another story in Vishwakarma Prakash, it is mentioned that a unique person was born in Treta Yug, who terrified the entire world with his huge physical form. Gods caught him and laid him face down on the ground. The being was blessed by Brahma that he be the god of the site or house. In return Vastu Purush is said to take care of the inmates of the house.

It is important to understand the concept of Vastu Purush as it helps us to develop our sensibilities to the fact that the site is a living, breathing organism. Our ancient scriptures had concepts like Vastu Purush and Kaal Purush to facilitate learning of the subtle life in an inverted position with its head towards North-East and feet in South-West. The position of Vastu Purush denotes the importance of the shape of a site or building as the Vastu Purush lies in a perfect square. Square is thus the most preferred shape in Vastu. Irregular shapes are considered inauspicious as some or the other part of the Vastu Purush gets chopped off in irregular shaped buildings/plots. Adherence to Vastu principles while drawing a plan of the house and while construction results in all round prosperity and good health.

Vastu Puja, Vastu Hawan Havan

Vastu Pujan

When Vastu Purush is worshipped, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and all other gods and goddesses are worshipped. With the pujan of Vastu Purush, the deity of the site, we worship all the gods and goddesses ruling different body parts of the Vastu Purush to seek their blessings in making the place happy and prosperous. Vastu Pujan helps to disintegrate all obstacles in the environment that may impede us. It protects from untoward harm and misfortune. As the Vastu-stuti states:

Just as you carry the weight of the earth with its mountains and oceans, in the same way protect me and my children along with my wealth and my house.

Construction of the house involves a series of activities like digging for the purpose of foundation laying, laying of foundation, starting actual construction, digging of well, door fittings. Vastu worship should be performed in a good muhurtha on these auspicious occasions :

  1. For digging (Khudayi) purpose which is different from actual foundation laying.
  2. Laying foundation.
  3. Main door fitting.
  4. Nutan Greh Pravesh or entering a new house.