Veethi Shoola in Vastu

Veethi Shoola in Vastu

Veethi Shoola in Vastu​

In Sanskrit Veethi road and shoola means arrow. Veethi shoola thus are roads which thrust or point straight into a site like an arrow. These roads point concentrated energy with great force into the site. Depending on the negative and positive energy centres located in different directions veethi shoolas are defined as auspicious or favorable and inauspicious or unfavorable.

Auspicious Veethi Shoolas

Most auspicious veethi shoolas are the roads pointing at North of North-East and East of North-East. Veethi shoolas at South of South-East and West of North-West are also auspicious. Veethi shoola in NNE gives abundant wealth, in ENE it gives name, fame, good education.

Inauspicious Veethi Shoolas

Roads which thrust into a site at East of South-East, South of SW, West of SW and North of NW are considered inauspicious.

To overcome inauspicious veethi shoolas following points must be kept in mind:

  1. Compound door should not be constructed at the place where inauspicious veethi shoola meets the plot.
  2. Construct the main door only in the prescribed grids.
  3. Compound walls where veethi shoola is pointing should be thick and high.
  4. Construct a C-shaped wall pointing towards the pointing road) at least three feet high from the ground where the inauspicious veethi shoola meets the plot. This will repel the negative energy directed towards the plot.
  5. The space or the corner of the plot where the inauspicious veethi shoola meets the plot can be separated from the main building to make a shop etc. Entrance for this shop or small office can be from outside.